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As Vladimir toyed further with Bruuna, a man with a sword entered the chamber.

"Mortal fool," Vladimir sneered. "Why have you come here? To save her? She is mine now. She is my pet, my slave. You think to destroy me with your puny weapon? I am immortal. I shall tear your head off and drink the blood straight from your neck."

"Let's see how immortal you are after I cut your head off," the young man said. He charged the monster swinging his sword. In the blink of an eye, Vladimir dodged the sword and grabbed him by the neck. Just as he was about to break the man's neck, another fighter emerged from the shadows. She lunged at Vladimir with a lance, catching him off guard.

"Monster," she yelled. "Do you forget where you are? This is the Monastery of the Spear."

"No! It can't be," Vladimir groaned.

"Yes," she hissed. "The Spear of Destiny now pierces your chest. How does it feel?" The monster only writhed on the spear in pain. "The relic tourists gape at out there is a fake. We found the real Spear buried in these catacombs. My brother and I are descended from the king of Hayastan who had you imprisoned here more than a thousand years ago. The monks who forced you into this cave at the point of the spear were afraid to kill you with it for fear your evil blood would profane the Holy Lance. We are not so afraid. For more than 100 generations, you have slaughtered the people of this land at will. Your reign of terror over our people ends now. Die, monster!"

As the life force left Vladimir's body, Bruuna's strength returned to hers. The last word to escape the monster's mouth before his body turned to corruption was,


V4 Bruuna by Roberto Melo, Vladimir from Daz, Vince by Midnightrider1 (Wsupatoi), and Lucy Bellamy from Myuksoft in Kay's Leathers.

DS3A render, postwork limited to layering 2 renders together.
SlimerJSpud Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Back story: There really is a Monastery of the Spear. It's in Armenia. It's called Geghard, or more formally Geghardavank. Some of the rooms are carved out of solid rock reaching back into the depths of the mountain. It's quite cool inside those rooms, regardless of the outside temperature. The texture on that column prop Bruuna is chained to in both renders is from a photograph I took in Geghard. I was there. It is a very dark and ancient place. In the room with the column, the only light comes in through a hole in the ceiling, which is vaulted, in a style called a Gavit. The monastery dates to the 13th century, but there was a 4th century monastery there that was basically just caves. There are no catacombs, but I did see a walled off passage. B-) As to the veracity of the Spear of Destiny, who can say? There are 4 relics that claim to be the true Spear of Destiny. The one in Armenia was brought there by the Apostle Thaddeus of Edessa, according to legend. Enjoy!

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November 1, 2012
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