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Shadow Mk III Can-Am car by SlimerJSpud
Shadow Mk III Can-Am car
According to one program I have, this is a Mk III model from 1972. It might be a DN4. Fred Cziska is the owner. In this photo, you can see the eyes of The Shadow between the U.S. flag and the "Lead Free 101" logo. Note the turbine like cooling on the front wheels. The Shadows were nothing if not innovative.
Shadow Mk II Can-Am car by SlimerJSpud
Shadow Mk II Can-Am car
Also photographed 9/25/2009. This is the 1971 Mk II Shadow Can-Am car of Dennis Losher. If you happen to be standing near one of these things when they fire it up, you will jump 3 feet in the air! The Shadow DN4 is just behind.
Shadow Mk I Can-Am car, nose view by SlimerJSpud
Shadow Mk I Can-Am car, nose view
Another view of the Mk 1. I had to sit on the ground to take this pic. The bodywork doesn't even come up to your knees. Notice the creepy little eyes in front. Only The Shadow knows...
Shadow Mk I Can-Am car, 3/4 view by SlimerJSpud
Shadow Mk I Can-Am car, 3/4 view
This is the Shadow Mark I Can-Am car. Photo taken at Sears Point (Infineon) Raceway 9/25/2009. I attended a lecture by the owner, Dennis Losher, on the history of this car. The lecture was to engineering students at Santa Clara U. The car was plagued with problems from day one. The main design goal was to achieve a very low frontal area to make the car fast. They did that, but there were issues. The bazooka-like intake may have had a low frontal area, but they could never get the engine up to full potential. Then they ran afoul of the rules. Originally, when the car was under braking, two oil coolers would pop out of the bodywork at the rear. They acted like air brakes. Team Shadow thought because they were oil coolers, they would be allowed, but no. They were deemed to be moveable aerodynamic devices, which were prohibited. That's the same rule that nixed the infamous Chaparral "sucker car" that used a fan to create a vacuum under the car. Lastly, and this was the same thing that killed the Tyrrell 6-wheel F1 car, the extremely small tires in the front caused them to abandon the whole idea, because they could not get the tire manufacturer to commit to making a whole season's worth of tires. The gist of the lecture to the engineering students was that this was a cautionary tale. Sometimes, you just have to cut your losses and walk away!
No chains can hold her
Merkare was a general in the army of Amanirena, warrior queen, Kandake of the Kindom of Kush. The Kushite army had defeated the Romans at Philae, but the Roman counter attack had driven them back into Kush. Merkare had been captured and forced, as a slave, to build a temple to Mars, the Roman god of war, in her own land. She hated that, but the labor made her immensely strong. She waited until the month of Martius, when the Romans would be celebrating and feasting to honor Mars. She broke her chains easily. Breaking the necks of the temple guards was even easier. Having built the temple, she knew its weakness. Fully half the weight of the roof was carried by the front colonnade. If she could break the front columns, the whole temple would collapse. Temples had fallen of natural causes in the past, but this was interpreted as a sign that the gods were angry and needed more sacrifice. Her people had been sacrificed at this temple while it was being built. If a mortal could bring down the temple of a god, she reasoned, it would crush the morale of the Romans and inspire her people to rise up and throw the Romans out. She strained her muscles against the columns until her body was covered with sweat. She felt the columns crack. Behind her, a block from the ceiling crashed to the floor. "That's it," she thought. "One more push and it will fall." One more push and her torment would be over.
Been doing other things lately. Some pinups, some character tests. Projects in the real world take up time too! And now back to our regularly scheduled drivel...


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